Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to start seeing improvement in sales2022-11-13T04:52:00+00:00

Typically, you will see results in a relatively short amount of time after your web design and development project is completed. However, certain aspects of your digital marketing campaign are long-term games. We typically see tangible results from Search Engine Optimization Services within 90 days, followed by a steady increase in your sales from there on out. PPC campaigns typically yield quicker results and you can start seeing them in only a month. But keep in mind that every modality has its place in your overall marketing strategy, so never disregard Search Engine Optimization or content because of the longer ramp-up period. We would be happy to explain the reasons for this in person or over the phone during your consultation.

How much do your service cost2022-11-13T04:51:08+00:00

Each business is unique, and every marketing campaign has many factors to consider. Would you prefer a gradual but steady approach to growing your business, or an aggressive one? Is the main function of the website to provide information or will it include many complex features? This will all affect your overall costs. A high-performance website can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000. Digital marketing solutions vary in price depending on where you want to take your business and the quality and performance of your existing website. The monthly costs vary from $2,500 to over $10,000 for some clients. On average, we spend $4,000 a month on marketing.

What’s the advantage of hiring your Digital Agency instead of one of your many competitors?2022-11-13T04:50:09+00:00

It may seem biased, but we have a world-class team, each individual an expert in their own field — from search engine optimization to web design, content marketing to business strategy, social media marketing to lead conversion, digital advertising, and more. As a client, you will also have the benefit of not outsourcing your website development or marketing. Our team does all our work in-house, so we can provide cost-effective, and more importantly, convergent growth strategies for your revenue. We stand by the work of our team. For select clients, we offer a guarantee package. We begin work with 50% of the budget until we achieve targets for two consecutive months, at which point we switch to full, agreed-upon rates. Find out if you qualify by contacting us.

Do you Offer Guarantee for Digital Marketing Agency2022-11-13T04:48:26+00:00

Choosing the right web development and marketing partner in the sea of digital marketing agencies is no doubt one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Ideally, a full-service advertising agency will work under your direction, be transparent, and stand by the work it does. That’s what sets us apart. Our online marketing company is among the only ones to guarantee the quality of our work. Yep. We stand behind our team’s work, guaranteeing results for select clients. When we provide our guaranteed package we start the work at 50% of the contract budget and when we achieve the planned results for two consecutive months, we move to the full rate we had negotiated. Find out if you qualify by contacting us.

What Industry do You Specialize in2022-11-13T04:47:44+00:00

Our online marketing agency has more than a decade of experience serving clients in a vast range of industries as a full-service web development agency. In addition to working with B2B and B2C eCommerce, we provide services to manufacturers, medical providers, real estate agents, senior living facilities, local businesses, legal professionals, and a wide array of other businesses. We strive to deliver real, tangible results. That’s why we never take on a project or client within an industry sector until we can demonstrate how we will achieve their goals.

How does your Digital Marketing Process work?2022-11-13T04:47:05+00:00

Research. Strategy. Action. Tracking Growth. All of our digital marketing and website development campaigns follow these steps. Research is the first step in properly assessing our clients’ pain points and creating growth plans in relation to their current competitive industry landscape. Next, we devise a strategy to overcome any potential obstacles along the way to achieving our clients’ revenue goals. Implementing that strategy quickly, strategically, and efficiently is the third step. Accountability is the last step — tracking our performance against key performance indicators and adjusting our plan of action as needed.

How often should I update my web content?2022-11-18T07:29:27+00:00

As a general rule of thumb, companies should be publishing new blogs at least twice a month – blogs are key to keeping your website updated with the relevant and fresh information that search engines prefer.

If any significant news or information has been released, that content should be posted as soon as possible. Pillar pages and landing pages content should be regularly revised as the company grows and changes.

How does a website increase sales?2022-11-07T09:48:09+00:00

The primary way a website increases sales is by offering users a convenient way to shop for products and services. Through the use of pop-ups offers and special online discounts, small businesses can encourage consumers to make the switch from window-shopping to buying.

With an enhanced incentive to buy, along with clear and concise product descriptions, users are quickly turning to company websites for all their consumer needs.

Do I need to pay for Facebook?2022-11-18T07:29:21+00:00

Facebook is a free social networking site. Users do not have to pay to create profiles or business pages unless they wish to market their page through ad campaigns. Simple and easy to use, Facebook Ads can help businesses boost their visibility, market products, or promote events.

Which social media platforms are best for my business?2022-11-07T09:47:16+00:00

While social media presence is crucial for all companies, each company will have different social media needs and strategies. For some, Facebook will be the best platform for business, while Instagram may be better for others. To determine which platform is best for your business, it is important to first determine your target audience and social media goals.

Do I really need a website?2022-11-07T09:46:22+00:00

Yes! Word of mouth can be great, but a majority of consumers find and research companies online before making any purchases. An online presence gives your company credibility and boosts brand awareness. Plus, websites are an avenue for endless marketing strategies, including e-commerce, online customer service, and consumer engagement.

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